My first paper published in Sensors

Published on 14 July 2020 at 14:16

In this post, I would like to present my first paper published in Sensors (ISSN:1424-3210, E-ISSN:1424-8220) as well as sharing my recent experience with this journal. 


About our paper: Average Consensus over Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks: Weight Matrix Guaranteeing Convergence without Reconfiguration of Edge Weights

Our contribution published in this journal is motivated by an effort to struggle with constraints affecting the execution of the average consensus algorithm over mobile wireless sensors networks, whereby the energy requirements are optimized, and the proper operation of the algorithm is ensured in spite of mobility. We propose a weight matrix simplifying the average consensus algorithm over mobile wireless sensor networks in communication and computation demands. Our contribution is based on the findings that the mixing parameter of Best Constant weights of the complete finite graph with an arbitrary order results in the convergence in all of its spanning subgraphs without any edge reconfiguration. Our outcome is a weight matrix that guarantees the convergence over time-varying topologies, including critical topologies, such as disconnected and bipartite regular graphs. Several numerical evaluations are carried out in order to demonstrate that the presented weight matrix ensures the convergence of the average consensus algorithm over various mobile systems. 

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About Sensors:  
I strongly recommend publishing in Sensors due to its top scientific quality, rapid review process, professional editorial board, high readability, high impact factor, fast publishing, etc. Also, I recommend reading the articles published in this journal, where many top quality manuscripts appropriate for being cited can be found.  


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